May 26, 2024

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ERRE.BI.BI srl style accessories

RBB provides all the care and craftsmanship that has acquired over years of work at principal levels. Every article is 100% handmade with sizeable professionalityThis allows to happen the envisage from its c.

ERRE.BI.BI srl fashion accessories

ERRE.BI.BI srl fashion accessories

RBB provides all the care and craftsmanship that has acquired over years of assignment at paramount levels Every item is 100% handmade with large professionality.This allows to follow the project from its thought to its closing realization graphics, without intermediaries for even the smallest details so that we can mention an categorical guarantee for a product with cardinal merit standardsCreating manner accessories way for us giving utility to beauty so that the piece acquires in vitality and beauty. Our sensation is of circle an added value.We attire with our accessories (buttons, pullers, belts, bags, clutch, etc) elegant, intermittent ,sportswear, and method lines both with typical materials and scientific materials.Our heuristic experience has led us to become individual of great brands who often ask us for solving there problemsTo discharge into everyday environment all our professionalism in rule to live surrounded by objects that make us jovial and let us dreamWe construe the customers deficiency and makes his wishes manageable and exclusiveWe afafir in this territory with items developed for demanding kin who seek in the details all the technology, all the design and exclusivity of product which is not doable to standardize.Leisure timeDesign RBB supports you besides in the totality of objects and accessories related to spare-time.With Urlo line, Rbb highlight its new concept of travellinea urlo”Urlo” is the 100% RBB-line for leisure time.RBB srl, is situated in Casazza (Bergamo) at few minutes from Endine Lake in Val Cavallina Just at 25 Km from Orio al Serio International Airport of Bergamo and at 27 Km from Bergamo’s city centre.for other informations:::: T (+39) 035/812466::: F (+39)035.813079 .

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